The Program
Flashpoint works closely with founders to create better startups, faster. We welcome founders with domain knowledge, startup experience, and a commitment to uncovering the intentions and circumstances of customers, and we work closely with them to reveal authentic demand and develop products that customers cannot not buy. Many of the startups participating in Flashpoint are run by successful serial entrepreneurs, who use the program to build their next company. Companies originated at Flashpoint currently have a net market value of over $1 billion.

What to Expect
Flashpoint is an Atlanta-based, four month long program, divided into two parts, and ending in demo days in several cities. The first six weeks is a concentrated on-site program, usually involving three lectures or workshops per week, weekly critiqued team presentations, weekly office hours, and a weekly speaker series, in addition to numerous interactions with potential customers. The following 10 weeks includes ongoing lectures, workshops, and office hours, but can be conducted off-site. Innovation teams from larger companies work alongside startups in the same program, for example a Coca-Cola team is in the current cohort. Batch 6 will begin this summer.

Financial Considerations
Flashpoint requires accepted startups to be or convert to US C-Corporations. Invited startups receive a $20k investment as a SAFE, from an independent fund (created, in part, by successful companies developed at flashpoint.) In addition, flashpoint purchases 7% of company stock.

Key Dates
The final application deadline is Friday, July 29, 2016.


Click here to start your application. You can also apply through Angel List and F6S.