Apply to Flashpoint

The Program

Flashpoint works closely with founders in a startup studio where they utilize methods of behavioral economics and startup engineering to develop exceptional opportunities

Georgia Tech recognized Dr. Merrick Furst’s development of these methods with the university’s highest award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Innovation.

Operating since 2011, Flashpoint is among the most experienced startup studios in the world. It is unique in its approach. Flashpoint startups have raised over $300 million from top tier venture firms. The companies in Flashpoint’s portfolio are valued at well over $1 billion. You can learn more about how Flashpoint works in a Forbes interview (https://goo.gl/t8OYYJ) with Dr. Furst, and in an excerpt from the recently released Harvard Business Review Press book, An Everyone Culture, Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (Kegan and Lahey - https://goo.gl/M7oikx).

What To Expect

Flashpoint is an Atlanta-based, four month long program, divided into two parts, and ending in demo days in several cities. We expect the Batch to begin in August. The first six weeks is a concentrated on-site program, usually involving three lectures or workshops per week, weekly critiqued team presentations, weekly office hours, and a weekly speaker series, in addition to numerous interactions with potential customers. The following 10 weeks includes ongoing lectures, workshops, and office hours, but can be conducted off-site. Innovation teams from larger companies work alongside startups in the same program, for example a Coca-Cola team is in the current cohort.

Financial Considerations

Flashpoint requires accepted startups to be or convert to US C- Corporations. Invited startups receive a $20k investment as a SAFE, from an independent fund (created, in part, by successful companies developed at Flashpoint.) In addition, Flashpoint purchases 7% of company stock.

Deadlines and Interest Session

Applications submitted by Monday, April 17th will be considered for our initial round of interviews. We'll begin filling our portfolio of companies after this date.

We will hold general interest sessions on April 6 and April 26. The sessions will provide insight into what founders learn while in the program, as well as provide tips on how to craft a successful application.

Applications for Batch 8

Flashpoint’s next batch is expected to start this summer.